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Can Ice Cream Heal A Broken Heart?

When I was were very young, if my dad came to visit, he would often take me to Dairy Queen, for a Dillly Bar.  Later he introduced me to Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, after that it wasn’t ice cream unless it had nuts in it and was rich and creamy. In my adult years, I became aware that ice cream was our comfort food.  Naturally I ate it to fill an empty space.  I felt loved and payed attention to when dad took me for ice cream.  The only thing is I was not satisfied with a Dilly Bar any more.  I could put away ice cream like nobodies business.  I don’t know anyone who could put away ice cream as fast and in the amount that I did.  You would think me life depended on it.  About 3 years ago, Cold Stone came to town, and I went there about every weekend all summer, eating the Love It sized concretes in a big chocolate waffle bowl.  Of course, despite all the working out I did, I put on a few pounds and was feeling pretty bad about myself.  You wouldn’t know it by this story, but I am and always have been a health nut.  When my children were young I made everything from scratch and did not even buy refined white sugar.  Back to the summer 3 years ago, at the time I was recovering from a broken marriage, my first husband and father of my children had died in a car wreck a few years before that and I was just plain lonely and miserable.  That’s when I realized that I was not only never going to fill the void, no amount of ice cream could.

A painful memory associated with dad promising to come and pick us up for ice cream and never coming created a mistrust in men and God.

HBR has been the outlet for me relieving my grief and anger surrounding this pain. I am willing to take full responsibility for my life and to stop recreating these situations where I need to feel vulnerable and alone.  HBR has brought ground breaking understanding and liberation in to my life.  Yesterday, I took my granddaughter and son to get ice cream, yes that rich creamy stuff, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them eat their ice cream.  I did not have a desire for the ice cream, nor did I feel like I was sacrificing anything to do with out. ( My body is telling me not to eat dairy.  I still will eat some refined sugar from time to time, but in small amounts.) My heart is healing and life is joyful as I embrace my wholeness and completeness with God, who never forsakes me.

This addiction is like any other, it is a way to dissociate from the pain of past fears.  What are you avoiding facing from your past that is still running your present life?  Are you looking for a holistic method to speed up the process?   This is what I was born to do, assist people in releasing the past blocks that keep them stuck.

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Deleting Data & Taking Out The Trash

Both of my computers are really sluggish now.  I used to curse the little color wheel spinning, because it was slowing me down.  I have chosen to reframe how I see this situation, by seeing it as an opportunity to take out the trash.

I have allowed my computers to be bogged down, because I have accumulated so much data.  I bought a time machine backup, because I was told it would take care of the issues.  Now, I find out that it is still necessary to go through all my files and delete more data, that is unneeded.  At first, I was quite irritated, because it appeared that I had spent money unnecessarily on a back up, the reason I bought it for was not at all resolved.  Plus, I still must sit down and spend hours going through my files with a fine tooth comb and deleting what I no longer need.

Then it hit me, what a great opportunity this is to take out the trash from my mind.  How could it be a waste of time to go through all the files that have accumulated on my computer, because I chose to ignore the importance of this necessary maintenance step, when it is obviously a reflection of my own cluttered mind.  Every file I delete on the computer is an opportunity to “take out the trash” from my mind. Not only will my computer be freed up, but so will my mind.  By hitting the “delete” button on my computers I can put the files in the trash and then choose to delete them forever.  By applying HBR, I will continue to erase limiting beliefs, by first becoming aware of what they are, taking out the trash, and then by erasing them from the walls of my mind, with EFT.  On those clean walls I will write these positive affirmations:

I easily release that which I no longer need.  The past is over, I am free.

I release and dissolve the past.  I am a clear thinker.  I live in the now in peace and joy.

As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter.

I declare peace and harmony indwell me and surround me at all times.  All is well.

I think it is interesting that I am careful to do regular maintenance and de-clutter in every other area of my physical and material life, but until HBR I wasn’t equipped with knowledge to de-clutter my mind.  Which means I have been blocking the flow, to hear my intuition.  Now, when I see the spinning color wheel, I am thankful for the opportunity to delete the data on my computers. I am aware that by daily tapping, I will be taking out the trash and eliminating the clutter from my mind.Oh, and the time machine back up is a good investment, as it will “hold” all the necessary data so if something did happen to my computer.  



I went to the park to be in nature and to tune in to my Higher Self.  It was a lovely rainy morning and it was necessary to raise and lower the windows on the car, depending on temperature changes and the intensity of the rain, while I was reading, meditating and tapping.  At one point, I needed to adjust the windows and noticed that I had left the key on from the last time I had adjusted the windows.  Fear and panic had gripped me like a flash, as I thought, OMG, here I am in my pj’s and flip flops, it’s raining, I am all alone in a very remote part of the park, and mostly I was embarrassed to think I might be caught doing something as silly as leaving my keys on, while sitting in the car.  Then I realized I had been tapping on releasing old patterns based on fears, when this opportunity came to just be grateful nothing had gone wrong, instead I immediately feared what could have happened.  I caught myself very quickly and started tapping on what came up in that situation.  As I started tapping away on the limiting beliefs and shifted to embracing my true power and completeness in God, then I went on to more reading.  

An hour or more later, I went to leave and low and behold the key was on an the battery was dead!  Instead of fear, I chuckled to myself, that of course the Law of Attraction worked every time.  This wasn’t one of those insane laughs, which I have been known to give when I feel hysterical, but an honest to goodness ability to laugh at myself in a good way.  

I took a deep breath and started tapping away on this “gift”, meaning, it was an opportunity to get in touch with my Higher Self and trust the Universe to provide the way.  I knew I could pick up the phone and call for help from security or police, but I am learning that I don’t need to “do” anything, if I believe in miracles from God, I just need to “be”, because I already “have”.  I was praying with my eyes closed and tapping, to tune in to my body.  I believe in that anything is possible, I focused on my oneness with the Universe, the car, the fact that the car could even run without a battery…., when I said, “Or, an angel could come to my rescue.”, I opened my eyes and there behind me was a pick up and of course, I received the help I needed between the two angels who came to my rescue.  In the 3 hours I had sat there I had only seen one pickup go by, right after I arrived.  The park was actually closed, but the gate was open, so they weren’t upset with me. For me, this was big shift, to not get angry with myself, to not be embarrassed that I was in my sleeping shorts and jacket and that I had left my key on and to be able to laugh at myself and trust that God would provide a way.  I am so grateful for Erika Awakening, my mentor, for creating Holistic Belief Reprogramming.  My life is changing daily for the better, and fast.  I am passionate about helping others do the same.

Barking and Balance

I mentioned at the end of the article about my, “Two Furry Babies and Why I Adopted Them”, that my puppies barking was a direct manifestation of my fear.  Tapping on my fear and releasing the negative beliefs that house dogs bark incessantly when the door bell rings, people or animals go by, etc, came from my parents negative beliefs.  L is more activated at people coming and wants to jump on their legs, B wants to bark and jump back.  Either way, I am not found of either behavior.  I understand that many people like a dog barking as a warning.  I am not so concerned with the warning part, as I am about the fact the B barks out of nervousness and fear.  This is not a happy balanced dog.  I could say that he was that way when I adopted him and that is just the way he is, but it is no coincidence that I attracted the temperaments they each have.  Ceasar says, “You don’t get the dog/dogs you want, but the ones you need”.  Anyway, when B barks, L chimes in.  The correction I have been using in these situations, to stop the barking, has not been working.  It would seem that we, the dogs and I, are all surprised in these situations and so we overreact.  I am just tense.  Normally when I use the sound, my own version of Ceasar’s, sound, or the 2 finger “bite” in the neck is effective, except when I feel frustrated.  They wouldn’t feel the need to protect me, if I represented a balanced pack leader.   

So, after much tapping, yesterday I was holding the puppies while I read in my bedroom.  Because I had the blinds up, they were able to see outside.  I hadn’t sat in that chair to hold them and read to them since they were tiny.  I usually am in my recliner downstairs.  B thought almost everything was reason to bark. L agreed that there must be something to bark at, but submits very quickly to my authority.  I stayed calm and assertive throughout the correction and even though it took several minutes of continued reminder, he curled up and turned completely away from the window, on his own.  This was a huge contrast from past experience, as I had been holding him against his will, if he barked at sounds outside, until he relaxed. It was so much more effective to have him submit on his own.  This is normally my objective and because of my fears, which tended to get in the way in these situations, I didn’t address them with the same pack leader mentality.  My main objective with the barking thing, since it is totally natural, is to make sure they can know when I say to stop.  

The main objective with this article, is to illustrate the beauty of tapping, especially with HBR, to help remove negative limiting beliefs, a whole lot faster and more thorough than by just changing your behavior. It was so wonderful to be able to stay calm and assertive the Ceasar way, and to see how well the dogs responded to me.

One more thing, another way to illustrate the same point is that when my son had the puppies in his care, they didn’t react the same way as they do with me, which just proves what Ceasar says, “It’s not the dogs, its the humans who are unbalanced.”  This has happened on several occasions,under different circumstances, which shows that my son doesn’t have the same emotional baggage as I do.:-)  

Medicine or No Medicine: That is the Question? Part 2

I experienced some cool synergistic experiences yesterday that I wanted to mention today.  After I disposed of my medicines, I went to read in The Course In Miracles.  The part I read began where I left off the day before.  The first words I read were these; “If sickness is separation, the decision to heal and to be healed is the first step toward recognizing what you truly want….”  Very nice confirmation.  The whole chapter and was filled with incredible insight that I needed to hear right then.

Next, I got in the car to drive and hour and a half to pick up my son and I listened to A Course In Miracles cd in the car, as I usually do.  I kept a different cd in each car, so that I was always ready to listen.  I turned on the cd and it was at an earlier section in the book entitled,  “Healing is Release from Fear”.  Starting out with, “Our emphasis now is on healing…”  This was so great, I had read it before and to have it come up again was awesome.  I listened for the full hour and a half and again all the way home.  I remember the first time I read these sections that I knew I wasn’t ready to make the commitment to quit my medicines, just yet.  I wasn’t overly concerned about it at the time, believing that I would be healed.  I actually thought that it would work the other way around, that I would have symptoms showing that the drugs were too much and have to wean off or quit knowing that I didn’t need them anymore.  And of course, if my skin conditioned was healed I wouldn’t need the cream either.  So, I was kind of surprised when I was lead to stop the drugs first.  Afterwords, I had some insight that by feeling the effects of the ailments, I would then be given the opportunity to tune into my body and release the blocks associated it.  No more masking the symptoms with toxic “magical” solutions.

Two Furry Babies and Why I Adopted Them

Nine months ago I adopted two Toy Poodles from a breeder in South Missouri.  I knew for a couple of years that I would at some point adopt a dog and train it to be a house dog.  The following reasons are why knew I wanted a dog.  First of all, I did not ever have a dog as a child nor do I remember wanting one.  My mom and dad were divorced for as long as I can remember and my dad always had a dog.  Big dogs, Doberman, German Shepherd, you get the picture.  My dad was a big man and he thought a dog was big, or it wasn’t a “real dog”.  He was a good pack leader and his dogs were wonderful pets.  But, I spent so little time at my dad’s and step moms that I really had nothing to do with the dogs and had no interest in them.  But I had bought into, subconsciously, his whole belief system about what a real dog looks like, how it should be raised, in the garage or outside, little dogs just jump on you and yap etc.

I had bought into my my moms belief system that pets were too much trouble and animals belong outside on a farm.  Nothing else is acceptable.

On the farm, where I lived with my husband, we had cattle dogs because my husband ran a cattle farm.  They were his pets and I never paid them any attention. I was pretty sure that I didn’t even like animals at all.  Well, I thought I was a cat person, I married my second husband, now my ex, and they had a cat that attacked your ankles and bit incessantly, that’s when I decided I just did not like animals, because it appeared to me that the people in my circle of influence whom I considered animal lovers, did not care what their animals did, they loved them anyway.  

It wasn’t until my brother introduced me to The Dog Whisperer that I became aware that it wasn’t that I didn’t like dogs, I just had never met a well-trained, balanced small house dog. For the first time I had a glimmer of hope that I could actually raise a dog properly and enjoy it.   I also discovered that I had a fear of dogs from being followed by a big dog on the way home from school when I was very young.

I had also been in some very lovely, well-kept homes where small, medium to large dogs lived and that was when the myth my parents passed on to me that dogs make your house stink was dispelled.  Some people actually give their dogs baths!!  Aha!!  I have a keen sense of smell, too!

Now that Ceasar was my inspiration, I watched every episode and studied all his materials.  My son was begging for a puppy and I decided it was time.  My son had just finished his Freshman year of High School and thought the summer would be a great time to house train a puppy, plus by the time he graduated from High School the puppies would be adults, so the two of us could tag-team during the puppy years.  I decided to get two, once I realized how they could be company for each other and it would also give me an instant pack.  I had pretty much resigned myself to being single, ugh! more blocks that I have been tapping on, but that’s another story, so they would be loyal companions for me.

The main reason I wanted puppies is because I was big in to personal development and I realized that to face my fears and to get out of my comfort zones was a necessary step to growth.  This was all before I knew about EFT.  I wanted to overcome my fear of dogs, for one thing.  Plus, I had shifted a lot of my mindsets around animals in general.  With my new perspective, I could see how having dogs would be a fantastic way to grow spiritually.  After all, dogs see humans as energy and they only follow balanced pack leaders.  This was a big shoe to fill, but I was determined to give it my all.

We adopted B and L, B is a male and L is a female, the end of June, 2010.  Toy Poodles are known to be smart, cute and they don’t shed.  I have to admit a no-shedding dog was a major criteria for me.  I am a “neat”, so cleanliness is a high priority for me.  Since cute is relative, I just went with poodles because they are considered french and my mom is full blood French.  Ceasar says to not buy the breed but buy the right energy for you and your family.  We were so green when we picked out our puppies that we may not have gotten the most balanced dogs, but they are the ones we were meant to have.

Now, I agree that a family isn’t complete without a dog and two is even better.  But, honestly, it has been a ton of work and some of the time I still don’t know what I am doing.  Had I been tapping before we adopted, I could have saved myself and the puppies a lot of grief.  But, that wasn’t how it went, so it wasn’t meant to be.  I am tapping on all the limiting beliefs that I learned from my well-meaning parents.  A lot of latent anger and grief has come up as a result of learning to deal with our darling furry babies.  It has come up that for the most part I was taught that animals were considered lowly dumb creatures that were here to serve us, to be cast aside to perish by our choice.  No money is to be spent on them, they eat scraps and if they get sick and die, oh well, they are expendable.  We shouldn’t get attached to animals for all these reasons.  They are with out spirit, too.  Whew, no wonder I had no connection with animals on a spiritual level. It is still a work in progress, but I am now feeling authentic love for my puppies and enjoying them immensely thanks to HBR.Image

That pretty much sums up why I adopted the puppies and more to follow on the saga of our furry babies, because I have learned a ton about myself because of them.  Baron has the one who is especially excited when people come to the door, his barking and Ladies hyper jumping have triggered some of my greatest fears about yapping, jumping little dogs.  I have become aware that because I get frustrated at those times that Baron is feeling a greater need to be the leader, since I am exhibiting unbalanced behavior, so he has to take over. I’ll be tapping on this and am looking forward to seeing a change in me first.  

B and L are truly blessings!!



Medicine or No Medicine: That is the Question?

Today, I woke up and was inspired to flush my synthetic medicine for hypothyroidism down the toilet.  I also threw away my tube of steroid cream for a skin condition.  These are meds I have been on for the past 11 years.

In the past, I have transitioned from synthetic to a more natural derivative, until the natural stuff became so difficult to get a hold of and then I just resigned myself to synthetic Synthroid, thinking that there wasn’t much I could do, after all it’s hereditary.  Ugh!!  Already did a lot of tapping on that one until I had some major shifts or the fear would have out-weighed the desire again today.

I have always been kind of a health and fitness nut, just ask my children.  When my 3 girls and 1 son were growing up on the farm, I made everything from scratch and eating out was extremely rare.  I used herbs for all my healing remedies.  My oldest daughter even raised herbs.  Rarely went to the doctor for anything.  

After my husband died, I went on these drugs, plus a prescription for allergies.  I got off the allergy stuff a couple of years ago.  I used to take meds for migraines, but those aren’t a problem anymore.  It was obviously a shock to my system to have my husband die suddenly in an accident.

Although, I have wanted to be off the drugs, I certainly lacked the understanding of what I needed to shift in order to do so.  There was a lot of fear and I am still releasing.

EFT has been a wonderful tool to get in touch with my emotions so that I could begin shifting my thinking.  But, I have to say that HBR, Holistic Belief Reprogramming, which includes EFT, along with my coach and creator of this powerful program has been the avenue for the biggest changes in my life, ever.  

Of course, the decision to stop cold turkey on drugs is mine.  I would never advocate that for anyone either, it’s a decision that must be divinely inspired and must come with a lot of clarity.  Once I knew it was time to quit, I struggled with whether to wean myself off of the drugs gradually or not.  I knew that sounded more “logical”, but I decided to ask my angels for clarity. “You are at the end of a cycle in your life.  Call upon your angels to comfort you, and to guide you to your next step.  Happiness awaits you now.”  I can’t explain it, but this along with 5 other cards brought me awareness that it was time to stop the toxic dumping in to my body.  I realized that just having them in the house, kind of like keeping anything that doesn’t serve me anymore, would be demonstrating a scarcity mentality.  Fear that I might need them again. Tap…tap…tap!  Release that.

I had more insights as the day progressed.  I have been waiting for the right time to start my Internal Cleanse and my Colon Cleanse that I purchased.  It’s a powerful detox of which I did last year with great results.  I started eating vegan after the cleanse last year and felt great.  Today, I realized that one of the excuses I used to go off the vegan and went more vegetarian, plus I allowed more crappy stuff in to my diet, was because I was still taking drugs so I couldn’t stay detoxed anyway.  This thought was a surprise to me, because I had been cloaking this hidden belief beneath other “logical” ego beliefs, like, when I don’t eat what everyone else is eating, I might offend someone and it’s too difficult to eat clean food when going out. During the time of my clean diet, I just sat with whoever was eating out and didn’t eat.  No one was offended and I truly enjoyed watching others enjoy their meal.  I had more time to help the grandchildren, which was always a plus. The truth is I just gave up on myself. This is a pattern in my life that I have tapped on and will continue to.  Whenever I grow, I tend to want to back off, because it’s scary to be powerful.  The problem is when I give up on myself, then I keep myself from being an inspiration to others.

Thanks to A Course In Miracles, which foundational to HBR, I have learned that to heal the body is to first heal the mind.  By getting in touch my emotions, tuning in to my bodily ailments via EFT and becoming really honest with myself, I have shifted so much grief and pain already that i am experiencing authentic love and peace like never before. 

I am excited about my journey and will continue to write about my progress.