Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

Today, I woke up and was inspired to flush my synthetic medicine for hypothyroidism down the toilet.  I also threw away my tube of steroid cream for a skin condition.  These are meds I have been on for the past 11 years.

In the past, I have transitioned from synthetic to a more natural derivative, until the natural stuff became so difficult to get a hold of and then I just resigned myself to synthetic Synthroid, thinking that there wasn’t much I could do, after all it’s hereditary.  Ugh!!  Already did a lot of tapping on that one until I had some major shifts or the fear would have out-weighed the desire again today.

I have always been kind of a health and fitness nut, just ask my children.  When my 3 girls and 1 son were growing up on the farm, I made everything from scratch and eating out was extremely rare.  I used herbs for all my healing remedies.  My oldest daughter even raised herbs.  Rarely went to the doctor for anything.  

After my husband died, I went on these drugs, plus a prescription for allergies.  I got off the allergy stuff a couple of years ago.  I used to take meds for migraines, but those aren’t a problem anymore.  It was obviously a shock to my system to have my husband die suddenly in an accident.

Although, I have wanted to be off the drugs, I certainly lacked the understanding of what I needed to shift in order to do so.  There was a lot of fear and I am still releasing.

EFT has been a wonderful tool to get in touch with my emotions so that I could begin shifting my thinking.  But, I have to say that HBR, Holistic Belief Reprogramming, which includes EFT, along with my coach and creator of this powerful program has been the avenue for the biggest changes in my life, ever.  

Of course, the decision to stop cold turkey on drugs is mine.  I would never advocate that for anyone either, it’s a decision that must be divinely inspired and must come with a lot of clarity.  Once I knew it was time to quit, I struggled with whether to wean myself off of the drugs gradually or not.  I knew that sounded more “logical”, but I decided to ask my angels for clarity. “You are at the end of a cycle in your life.  Call upon your angels to comfort you, and to guide you to your next step.  Happiness awaits you now.”  I can’t explain it, but this along with 5 other cards brought me awareness that it was time to stop the toxic dumping in to my body.  I realized that just having them in the house, kind of like keeping anything that doesn’t serve me anymore, would be demonstrating a scarcity mentality.  Fear that I might need them again. Tap…tap…tap!  Release that.

I had more insights as the day progressed.  I have been waiting for the right time to start my Internal Cleanse and my Colon Cleanse that I purchased.  It’s a powerful detox of which I did last year with great results.  I started eating vegan after the cleanse last year and felt great.  Today, I realized that one of the excuses I used to go off the vegan and went more vegetarian, plus I allowed more crappy stuff in to my diet, was because I was still taking drugs so I couldn’t stay detoxed anyway.  This thought was a surprise to me, because I had been cloaking this hidden belief beneath other “logical” ego beliefs, like, when I don’t eat what everyone else is eating, I might offend someone and it’s too difficult to eat clean food when going out. During the time of my clean diet, I just sat with whoever was eating out and didn’t eat.  No one was offended and I truly enjoyed watching others enjoy their meal.  I had more time to help the grandchildren, which was always a plus. The truth is I just gave up on myself. This is a pattern in my life that I have tapped on and will continue to.  Whenever I grow, I tend to want to back off, because it’s scary to be powerful.  The problem is when I give up on myself, then I keep myself from being an inspiration to others.

Thanks to A Course In Miracles, which foundational to HBR, I have learned that to heal the body is to first heal the mind.  By getting in touch my emotions, tuning in to my bodily ailments via EFT and becoming really honest with myself, I have shifted so much grief and pain already that i am experiencing authentic love and peace like never before. 

I am excited about my journey and will continue to write about my progress.



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