Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

Barking and Balance

I mentioned at the end of the article about my, “Two Furry Babies and Why I Adopted Them”, that my puppies barking was a direct manifestation of my fear.  Tapping on my fear and releasing the negative beliefs that house dogs bark incessantly when the door bell rings, people or animals go by, etc, came from my parents negative beliefs.  L is more activated at people coming and wants to jump on their legs, B wants to bark and jump back.  Either way, I am not found of either behavior.  I understand that many people like a dog barking as a warning.  I am not so concerned with the warning part, as I am about the fact the B barks out of nervousness and fear.  This is not a happy balanced dog.  I could say that he was that way when I adopted him and that is just the way he is, but it is no coincidence that I attracted the temperaments they each have.  Ceasar says, “You don’t get the dog/dogs you want, but the ones you need”.  Anyway, when B barks, L chimes in.  The correction I have been using in these situations, to stop the barking, has not been working.  It would seem that we, the dogs and I, are all surprised in these situations and so we overreact.  I am just tense.  Normally when I use the sound, my own version of Ceasar’s, sound, or the 2 finger “bite” in the neck is effective, except when I feel frustrated.  They wouldn’t feel the need to protect me, if I represented a balanced pack leader.   

So, after much tapping, yesterday I was holding the puppies while I read in my bedroom.  Because I had the blinds up, they were able to see outside.  I hadn’t sat in that chair to hold them and read to them since they were tiny.  I usually am in my recliner downstairs.  B thought almost everything was reason to bark. L agreed that there must be something to bark at, but submits very quickly to my authority.  I stayed calm and assertive throughout the correction and even though it took several minutes of continued reminder, he curled up and turned completely away from the window, on his own.  This was a huge contrast from past experience, as I had been holding him against his will, if he barked at sounds outside, until he relaxed. It was so much more effective to have him submit on his own.  This is normally my objective and because of my fears, which tended to get in the way in these situations, I didn’t address them with the same pack leader mentality.  My main objective with the barking thing, since it is totally natural, is to make sure they can know when I say to stop.  

The main objective with this article, is to illustrate the beauty of tapping, especially with HBR, to help remove negative limiting beliefs, a whole lot faster and more thorough than by just changing your behavior. It was so wonderful to be able to stay calm and assertive the Ceasar way, and to see how well the dogs responded to me.

One more thing, another way to illustrate the same point is that when my son had the puppies in his care, they didn’t react the same way as they do with me, which just proves what Ceasar says, “It’s not the dogs, its the humans who are unbalanced.”  This has happened on several occasions,under different circumstances, which shows that my son doesn’t have the same emotional baggage as I do.:-)  

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