Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

Both of my computers are really sluggish now.  I used to curse the little color wheel spinning, because it was slowing me down.  I have chosen to reframe how I see this situation, by seeing it as an opportunity to take out the trash.

I have allowed my computers to be bogged down, because I have accumulated so much data.  I bought a time machine backup, because I was told it would take care of the issues.  Now, I find out that it is still necessary to go through all my files and delete more data, that is unneeded.  At first, I was quite irritated, because it appeared that I had spent money unnecessarily on a back up, the reason I bought it for was not at all resolved.  Plus, I still must sit down and spend hours going through my files with a fine tooth comb and deleting what I no longer need.

Then it hit me, what a great opportunity this is to take out the trash from my mind.  How could it be a waste of time to go through all the files that have accumulated on my computer, because I chose to ignore the importance of this necessary maintenance step, when it is obviously a reflection of my own cluttered mind.  Every file I delete on the computer is an opportunity to “take out the trash” from my mind. Not only will my computer be freed up, but so will my mind.  By hitting the “delete” button on my computers I can put the files in the trash and then choose to delete them forever.  By applying HBR, I will continue to erase limiting beliefs, by first becoming aware of what they are, taking out the trash, and then by erasing them from the walls of my mind, with EFT.  On those clean walls I will write these positive affirmations:

I easily release that which I no longer need.  The past is over, I am free.

I release and dissolve the past.  I am a clear thinker.  I live in the now in peace and joy.

As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter.

I declare peace and harmony indwell me and surround me at all times.  All is well.

I think it is interesting that I am careful to do regular maintenance and de-clutter in every other area of my physical and material life, but until HBR I wasn’t equipped with knowledge to de-clutter my mind.  Which means I have been blocking the flow, to hear my intuition.  Now, when I see the spinning color wheel, I am thankful for the opportunity to delete the data on my computers. I am aware that by daily tapping, I will be taking out the trash and eliminating the clutter from my mind.Oh, and the time machine back up is a good investment, as it will “hold” all the necessary data so if something did happen to my computer.  


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