Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

Day 4 of detox cleanse.  This is the cleanse that I mentioned at the end of my article called, Part 2 of, “Medicine or No Medicine, That Is the Question?”. I do this cleanse once a year.  I actually don’t mind cleansing, because I know how important the results are. This week is 5 days of organic apple juice mixed with toxin reducer 5 times each day.  Blessed Herbs makes these wonderful cleanses.  I will follow this Colon Cleanse with their Internal Cleansing Program.

Yesterday, I was so weary and hungry all day, woke up in the AM with headache. Took some R & R all day and enjoyed it with my Granddaughter who came to visit.  I had some residual guilt from not being productive and it carried over in to today.  

Even though, I’m feeling really good today, I was triggered when I attempted to wear my new “Duet” contacts, which I have had for one week. One eye burned and the other one was blurry.  Got ticked off because I was trying to stay on my schedule.  Then I heard my washer banging so hard it was shaking the walls of my town house.  Which, ticked me off some more, another interference in my day.  Fixed the washer, found it had “walked” a good 8 inches forward while spinning two pillows and went back to my contacts and was still hot under the collar, only to hear the washer banging away again.  Exasperated!!  Then I heard a little voice saying that the so-called distraction was that the washer was “out of balance”, which was a clue for me, took me several minutes to let it soak in and finally was able to step back and tap on it.  I resisted tapping when I was at the peak of my frustration, another so-called “time pressure” I put on myself.  I am still releasing the need to feel in control of my schedule.  I have been a obsessive planner for as long as I can remember.  Once I cooled off, I was able to chuckle at how the Universe was trying to teach me that I am out of balance, when I am sweating the small stuff and not living in the now.  I feel loved knowing that I was receiving this message right when I needed it and although I struggled  to “hear” the message in the moment, I came away with a renewed desire to stop the downward spirals before the get started, from now on.  

Another chuckle came when I discovered that I had switched the contacts when I put them away last night, hence the right blurry eye, which was not enough correction for that eye. Another lesson on the effects of not being present. This reminds me that I don’t want to look at my fears, at times.  Guilt was driving me to believe that I had better be productive today, or else there would be more guilt.  Thank you ego for sharing!! Tuning into my Higher Self and God is how I’ll be freed of the downward spirals and find balance in my daily schedule. The fear of releasing the guilt because making decisions from guilt has been the norm for me.  After all, isn’t guilt motivating.  Ugh!!  NO!  The fear of seeing the truth about myself, mostly that my ego created guilt, which means I chose it. Now that I am willing to take full responsibility for my life, I am determined to see all the perceived obstacles as opportunities.

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