Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

I found myself buying into the belief that teenage puppies are so difficult.  It’s a fact that the pounds are full of dogs  between the ages of 9 months and 3 years, but when I caught myself feeling impatient with my puppies perceived unruliness I realized that I was buying into the belief that things are the way they are and there is nothing I can do about it.  Since the Law of Attraction is working all the time and I do create my own life, then why on earth would I blame my puppies for my impatience.  My ego is still telling me, while I write, that it’s crazy to think I have any power and control over how my teenage puppies react. Like I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have seen the different way my puppies respond to me vs my son, in the exact same situations, showing that it’s my limiting beliefs are driving my results.

Today, I took my puppies for a walk on this very warm spring day.  As I put their leashes on, I was tempted to grab the gentle leader, but realized that I was starting to buy in to the belief that a different leash is going to fix the problem, that my puppies are barking more when outside than ever before.  The Dog Whisperer prefers a simple slip leash over any other.  If it is put on high on the neck then you have the necessary control you need. But, mostly he teaches that its the energy you use that will make a difference in how the dogs respond.  I’ve seem him take a dog that barked incessantly, so much that the neighbors complained, and in a few minutes he had it not barking.  He does this over and over, so I am convinced that when dogs have issues, it’s the owners who need to shift something.  

So, I put on their slip leashes on and headed out to practice my “Dog Whisperer” skills.  It was a good walk, except for when I felt like the puppies wouldn’t listen to me, when I asked them to sit. This is very interesting, because via tapping, I have discovered that this has been a pattern in my life with people to, the belief that people don’t listen to me.  The truth is that if I wanted to be heard, I would be.  Period.  

Meanwhile, I’ll keep tapping away on my fear of being heard. 


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