Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

First a little background.  I see a “Chiropractor” who does Flow, instead of traditional Chiropractic.  This Holistic method works hand in hand with what I do, EFT.  He works with the Central Nervous System to help the body release negative patterns and to increase Flow.  It’s like my daughter told me when she referred me to him, “I can’t explain it Mom, you just have to experience it to it.  I think you’ll love it.”  Love it I did.  I was so blessed by him and his method that I traveled one hour each way for an appointment and now I’m thirty minutes away.

I love Dr Yakel’s peaceful environment, gentle sessions and go-with-the flow, yet professional, attitude.  Just being in his office is an experience of release.  It’s cool how you are now in a room with several other people all experiencing shifts together.  I believe that the idea, in part, is that as one person shifts others do to.  Great concept to embrace, here we are all influencing one another, which we do every time we make contact with another person, whether we realize it or not.  

I have personally experienced so much change since I started seeing Dr Yakel. I had just purchased my franchise when I started seeing him and now I’m in the beginning stages of doing something Holistic myself, being an EFT Practitioner.  I believe that the work Dr Yakel has done with me has assisted me to have the clarity I needed to find the the mentor I have now, which in turn has lead me to discover my true life purpose.  There are no coincidences.

The last two times I have been to Dr Yakel, he has informed me that I am showing signs of completely new patterns showing up in my body.  I knew something was different too, but it was great to have the confirmation.  It might be perceived as a pain here and an ache there, but I see it as the much needed upheaval that is a sign of positive shifts coming my way.  I was very excited about the new patterns, because I have carried around the old patterns long enough, it’s time to see some movement.  For instance, I had chronic neck pain and a pattern just like my mom.  Several weeks ago the chronic neck pain just disappeared and now my neck has mobility like never before.  I also think it’s interesting that this new pattern has shown up after I started my detoxifying cleanse.  I have always been health conscious, so the purpose of the cleanse is to clean all my organs and colon with herbs to boost health and longevity.  Last year, I did the same cleanse a year ago and I was amazed at the renewed energy and clarity I gained.

So, the next time you experience changes in your body, note them and trust that they are a sign of a shift coming your way.  Or, maybe you will find someone who does Flow in your area.  Here is Dr Yakel’s blog so you can check it out.


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