Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

I decided to start fresh and new with a new personal email address.  (My old email had the the house number from the farm where my late husband and I raised our children and lived for 23 1/2 years, good memories, but in the past, non the less)  I was divinely inspired to what name to use and felt lead to consult the angels regarding what number to put in it.  I was given 295 and the meaning is: “Trust that the changes you are making are adjusting your life so you can better focus on your Divine purpose.”  Perfectly amazing!!

But, boy, have I been made aware that I am clinging on to the past.  After setting up the new email, I ,out of ignorance clicked on something that allowed gmail to link my old email with my new.  Immediately, my new empty, clean inbox was filling up with every email from the past few years….as fast as I would delete them, more came rolling in by the 10’s of thousands, at one point there were 0ver 100 thousand. Amazingly, I didn’t feel frustrated but instantly could see that I was afraid to release the past. So turned it into an opportunity to tap and release and click and delete.  There are no coincidences!!

It’s also no coincidence that I am on a Internal Cleanse.  Yesterday, I noticed that the pages in my cleansing guide had gotten flipped and I had been on the the wrong week of the cleanse for 3 days.  (For three weeks consecutive different major organs are cleansed.)  I remembered thinking it was strange that it seemed I was switching focus during the week, but was in a hurry and didn’t consider the obvious. Well, now I know why. What is really interesting is that week 1 is cleaning any unwanted guests from the system.  I thought, humm, in light of all that is happening I must want to cling on to something in my past or maybe I haven’t forgiven someone who I considered a parasite.  I am back on track with the Para Herbs and now if I want to do it thoroughly it’s necessary to add a few days to complete this portion and redo the week I started a few days ago.  But, more importantly is the tapping on all this past baggage so I can move forward with even more clarity and power.  I am so grateful for my new awareness.

My intention with this article is to be authentic with my struggles and to show that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me and everyone else, for that matter.  What are you not seeing, today, that could give you valuable insights into your fears?   Did you know that tapping is an efficient way to address and release these fears?  Buddha says, Enlightenment is “Omniscient wisdom from all mistaken appearances.”   We are free of he past when we become aware that it never existed, except in our mind.  The only way to create the life that we want is to release the subconscious beliefs that are driving the results we don’t want.

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