Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

I quite cold turkey on my thyroid medicine and my prescription cream for my skin condition, when I wrote the first article entitled “Medicine or No Medicine”

It felt like it was time for an update on my progress.  The first few days the hot flashes seemed to be more frequent then they for the most part stopped altogether.  Because the thyroid is like a thermostat it regulates a lot of things.  When you have a low thyroid, becoming exceedingly hungry is common and so weight gain can be a side effect.  I did notice the hunger thing coming up a lot, but since I have been cleansing most of the past 2 1/2 weeks and drinking sometimes juice only and now a little food with juice, it makes sense to feel hungry, although, usually the hunger goes away after awhile, but it hasn’t this time.  

Before I started this cleanse and when I decided to stop being on drugs, I committed to embracing everything I experience as a learning opportunity.  Trusting that whatever seeming negative thing that is happening is short lived.  So when the hunger pains have come, I am using that as an opportunity to tune into my body and tap on what comes up.  What I keep getting is the scarcity mindset.  Fear of not having enough.  Yesterday was a breakthrough day after persistent tapping on this belief wedded in sacrifice.  Today, I just feel normal and have no ravenous urges.  I have also been tuning into the emotional hunger verses stomach hunger.  If you read my article on “Can Ice Cream Heal A Broken Heart?”, you would know that ice cream is one of my favorite comfort foods. So when that comes up, I know I’m feeling lonely and since that is an ego limiting belief, I can address that one head on.  I am never alone!!

Speaking of hearts, I had serious heart palpitations every since my husbands sudden death in 2001.  That’s when I went on the thyroid medicine.  The palpitations were not better right after I got off the medicine, but now they are so rare.  Of course, now I see it as simply anxiety.  The death of my husband just brought to the surface something that was already there.  It’s founded in fear.  Fear just causes more of what we don’t want. So any tapping I do on any fear would ultimately reduce the anxiety.  

Weariness is another symptom of low thyroid.  Again, being on the cleanse makes it a little more challenging to decipher.  Fatigue is a natural symptom of detoxing, too.  I am feeling some dragging feeling here and there, but mostly I feel strong.  I am not doing any intense exercise either, because it’s not recommended to overdo while cleansing.

I am also tuning into the itching of the skin condition.  I consider what is coming up when it happens and where on my body is it manifesting it.  The locations on the body are really significant.  If its itching on the back of my head, I know it’s associated with my shadow side.  If it’s in my ears, I know there is something I don’t want to hear or shouldn’t hear.  If my eyelid is itching and flared up, I know there is something I don’t want to see or shouldn’t see.  I can’t say that any of the area on my body are completely cleared up yet, but the worst place, on the back of my head is 50% better than it was.  

To wrap up, honestly, I think I feel way better off symptomatically now that I am off the thyroid medicine.  I have seen improvements in my skin condition, but, I am not at all concerned about whether it will be healed or not.  I just know as long as it is there, I have something else to learn.  This gives me so much peace and joy.  


Comments on: "Medicine or No Medicine Part 2" (2)

  1. Thanks for your authenticity and the beautiful re-frame of “something more to learn.” Even after coaching for quite a long time, I still find this a useful perspective. Sometimes my skin condition, which is now almost entirely healed, will unexpectedly flare up a little bit after I record an especially powerful video. And yes this can be frustrating … this is when seeing the big picture is so priceless 🙂

    • I appreciate the confirmation, Erika. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s good to know these “flare ups” are only temporary. You are my role model for reframing every perceived negative thing in to something positive and have taught me to see the big picture. Much love!

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