Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

I went back to Dr Yakel today and realized that the new pattern that I mentioned in Part 1 had shifted.  I was experiencing for a few weeks a pain in my right hip.  It’s gone!!  Dr Yakel was pleased to see the difference in my entire body.  The neck pain on the right side has also released completely.  

I have seen quite a difference in the way my body has reacted to the Internal Cleanse that I am doing this year as opposed to last year.  I mentioned in Part 1, that my body has indicated a struggle that correlates to me not being willing to let go of the past.  That has shifted now, too.

I still have a couple of weeks left to go on the cleanse as I address other organs.  I continue to see Dr Yakel each week and of course, I tap every day.  I will continue to tune in to the messages that my body is sending me.   

“The opposite of joy is depression.  When your learning promotes depression instead of joy, you cannot be listening to God’s joyous Teacher and learning His lessons.  To see a body as anything except a means of communication is to limit your mind and to hurt yourself.  Health is therefore nothing more than than a united purpose.  If the body is brought under the purpose of the mind, it becomes whole because the mind’s purpose is one.  Attack can only be an assumed purpose of the body, because apart from the mind the body has no purpose at all……….Health is the result of relinquishing all attempts to use the body lovelessly.”  A Course In Miracles



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