Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening

Embracing Anger

How can you embrace anger? Especially if you were raised like me and taught that expressing it is wrong. It was the very people who taught me this belief that were expressing so much anger. Now I realize that it’s the guilt we become addicted to experiencing as a result of expressing our anger. Of course, when we express anger in ways that are demeaning and unhealthy then guilt is a common response. I was even taught that guilt is necessary, so we have a need to go to the cross to be saved.

I am going to submit to you that the guilt is not necessary, especially if we learn to honor our anger in productive ways. Tapping on anger is an incredible way to release anger that doesn’t hurt anyone. You can beat a pillow with a baseball bat and have at least a partial release. It’s what you do with the anger and whether you are willing to forgive and move on that matters. Can you see how addressing the anger and not suppressing it is a way embrace it? Nobody feels better after suppressing anger. Most people have been suppressing anger their whole lives. I know I did. Were you ever punished for responding in anger to a parental demand? I know I have. It’s how we get so good at hiding our true feelings.

What you embrace has no power over you, is something I learned form my mentor, Erika Awakening
This concept and the application of it has changed my whole life for the better. Now I feel authentic love for those who I perceived have hurt me. It’s a wonderful feeling to be free. Now anger doesn’t have to run my life.

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  1. Yea, such a beautiful dance it can become. Owning the anger, tapping the anger, voicing the anger, releasing the anger, and then watching the anger turn into love and miracles. Opportunities we won’t ever have when we “pretend” that we are not angry.

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