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When God Closes One Door, He Opens Another, Part 1

Recently, with God’s help, the door to owning my franchise closed.  In, Part 1, I will share starting with purchasing the franchise.

In June of this year, it will be 2 years ago, that I chose to purchase the franchise, Get In Shape For Women.  I had a couple of life coaches I was working with at the time.  It appeared that a wellness, fitness program for women was right up my alley.  I loved working out and have never required accountability to keep my weight down or to be motivated to exercise. But, I did see women in my family, particularly my mom, struggle and thought this was my opportunity to make a difference for good. 

I uprooted from small town Missouri and moved to a suburb of KC.  The demographics were better and I had lived in this area after my husbands death, so I thought it was a great place to give back.  My son had to change school districts, but it was good timing as he was entering his 9th grade year in High School.

There was so much to do to get this franchise set up, that I did nothing else for 5 months. We opened on January 7th, 2011.  One of my daughters agreed to be the manager and she hired a trainer.  We were off to a pretty good start, but we didn’t break any records.

I suppose we went through the normal growing pains, but when things weren’t going according to plan.  My daughter decided she would move on and so she hired a new manager, which allowed her to go back home and do the things she was born to do, (she is a cosmetologist and a mom). Before my daughter left, I had already contemplated selling the franchise.  I could tell it wasn’t “my thing” after all.  All the details may be interesting, but are irrelevant to my overall story.  The big thing for me was that I was determined to make it work and so I kept trying to force things to happen.  Of course, this doesn’t really work, but I persisted, not wanting to be a quitter.  

The new manager was working out good, except that once she got going, it seemed that she had the same areas of struggle as my daughter.  I thought, that maybe I just would’t attract the right type of manager to take the franchise to the top 10 of the company, because of my own limitations.  This manager was like a daughter to me and we were really close.  (We still are.)  I honestly thought that it was me holding back the whole thing from working like it could, because I mustn’t be the right type of owner.  

Again, I looked in to the possibility of selling, but was once again encouraged that with minor tweaking of the mangers skills, we would be rising to the top soon.

In January of this year, 2012, one year after opening, something I read, inspired me to go back to Tapping.  So I got out Carol Looks book, “Attracting Abundance with EFT” and went through it again. (I had gotten into tapping many months before, because of Joe Vitale, but had stopped when I adopted my puppies.)   As I was Tapping through the book, I was really inspired to go and check out what it would take to become an EFT/Tapping Practitioner.  So, I did. I also, knew that if I wanted to move forward with any power, I required an EFT coach.   

I found and joined The Tapping Insiders Club.  Here I found Erika Awakening.  I did her videos and tapping scripts every day.  I had such amazing growth and totally resonated with her, that I went to and checked out her packages.  I signed up for the newsletter and Gold membership and bought The Personal Power Challenge video product of hers and proceeded to go through the 30 daily video’s. I was amazed at the transformation in my life.  I felt different and had a renewed sense of purpose.  It was clear right away that I was ready to hire Erika for coaching through her 15 Week Miracle Program and was quite confident that her HBR Program was and is the most powerful system on the planet.  I set out to become trained by her so that I could coach and mentor people with her method.  I was very excited about the prospects of a better future.  I had no idea how or when it would all come together, but I was ready to find out.  Stay tuned for Part 2, where I will begin to tell the miraculous story of selling the franchise and how God closed the door.  I will also be inserting my managers testimony as she started allowing me to mentor her with EFT, so that I could get practice and find out if EFT coaching, really resonated for me.  Her story is amazing and wonderful.  Its a beautiful testimony and confirmation that I had found my life purpose.