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Cancelled all Insurance Policies

I woke up one day, this week, and had amazing clarity about it being time to cancel all of my insurance policies.  Which I did, that very day.  I had been feeling prompted to do so for some time before that, but always pushed the thought aside for various reasons.

I believe that I was open to receiving inspiration on this topic as a result of doing intense eft, alone and with a powerful practitioner.  Now that I am also practicing eft with others, I realize that it is vital that I live what I practice.  A large part of what I do is assist others to become aware of the limiting beliefs that don’t serve them now.  I must choose every moment of every day which voice I am going to listen to, my lower self, or my higher self.  How could I teach healing and oneness come from with in, if I am looking outside of myself to receive assistance on those inevitable “rainy days”?  I believe this quote, “Where your attention goes, energy flows.”  I now choose to focus all my attention on healing my mind, which will heal my body.  Eternity is NOW and I now trust the Divine to provide all that I and my loved ones need.

To be fair, I have gone without insurance before. Even though, my husband died in an accident 11 1/2 years ago, within a couple of months before his death we cancelled all insurance, my children and I have never gone with out.  It’s true that my husbands motivation was that we were, as he put it, “insurance poor”.  When he asked me what I thought, I said I knew God would provide.  Interestingly, I then took up health insurance, within a year of his death and a couple of years ago, I took up life and long term care insurance.  I realize now that I felt so vulnerable and fearful after my husband died, being a farm wife for 23 1/2 years.  I home-schooled my children and was a stay at home mom for 23 1/2 years, so it was scary to be “alone” and “separated”, after all, he was the “head of the family”, provider and protecter.  A couple of years ago my mom was declining fast with Alzheimer’s and my siblings and I were faced with the difficult decision to put her in the Nursing Home.  I see now that I was making the decisions to take up insurance again, out of fear.  I had the limiting belief that you trust God, if you can’t afford insurance.  Sounds kind of foolish when I write it, but I remember thinking I would be foolish not to.

Even though, I would never counsel anyone to do what I did, I would encourage everyone to follow their intuition, even when it looks foolish, by the worlds standards.  Eft is a powerful way to get in touch with the “shadow self”.  I couldn’t hear my intuition clearly before because I was too fearful to see what my blocks were in this area.

I feel so happy and free since I made the decision to cancel my insurance.  Thanks to eft, I am having more clarity in all areas of my life.