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Medicine or No Medicine: That is the Question? Part 2

I experienced some cool synergistic experiences yesterday that I wanted to mention today.  After I disposed of my medicines, I went to read in The Course In Miracles.  The part I read began where I left off the day before.  The first words I read were these; “If sickness is separation, the decision to heal and to be healed is the first step toward recognizing what you truly want….”  Very nice confirmation.  The whole chapter and was filled with incredible insight that I needed to hear right then.

Next, I got in the car to drive and hour and a half to pick up my son and I listened to A Course In Miracles cd in the car, as I usually do.  I kept a different cd in each car, so that I was always ready to listen.  I turned on the cd and it was at an earlier section in the book entitled,  “Healing is Release from Fear”.  Starting out with, “Our emphasis now is on healing…”  This was so great, I had read it before and to have it come up again was awesome.  I listened for the full hour and a half and again all the way home.  I remember the first time I read these sections that I knew I wasn’t ready to make the commitment to quit my medicines, just yet.  I wasn’t overly concerned about it at the time, believing that I would be healed.  I actually thought that it would work the other way around, that I would have symptoms showing that the drugs were too much and have to wean off or quit knowing that I didn’t need them anymore.  And of course, if my skin conditioned was healed I wouldn’t need the cream either.  So, I was kind of surprised when I was lead to stop the drugs first.  Afterwords, I had some insight that by feeling the effects of the ailments, I would then be given the opportunity to tune into my body and release the blocks associated it.  No more masking the symptoms with toxic “magical” solutions.