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I went to the park to be in nature and to tune in to my Higher Self.  It was a lovely rainy morning and it was necessary to raise and lower the windows on the car, depending on temperature changes and the intensity of the rain, while I was reading, meditating and tapping.  At one point, I needed to adjust the windows and noticed that I had left the key on from the last time I had adjusted the windows.  Fear and panic had gripped me like a flash, as I thought, OMG, here I am in my pj’s and flip flops, it’s raining, I am all alone in a very remote part of the park, and mostly I was embarrassed to think I might be caught doing something as silly as leaving my keys on, while sitting in the car.  Then I realized I had been tapping on releasing old patterns based on fears, when this opportunity came to just be grateful nothing had gone wrong, instead I immediately feared what could have happened.  I caught myself very quickly and started tapping on what came up in that situation.  As I started tapping away on the limiting beliefs and shifted to embracing my true power and completeness in God, then I went on to more reading.  

An hour or more later, I went to leave and low and behold the key was on an the battery was dead!  Instead of fear, I chuckled to myself, that of course the Law of Attraction worked every time.  This wasn’t one of those insane laughs, which I have been known to give when I feel hysterical, but an honest to goodness ability to laugh at myself in a good way.  

I took a deep breath and started tapping away on this “gift”, meaning, it was an opportunity to get in touch with my Higher Self and trust the Universe to provide the way.  I knew I could pick up the phone and call for help from security or police, but I am learning that I don’t need to “do” anything, if I believe in miracles from God, I just need to “be”, because I already “have”.  I was praying with my eyes closed and tapping, to tune in to my body.  I believe in that anything is possible, I focused on my oneness with the Universe, the car, the fact that the car could even run without a battery…., when I said, “Or, an angel could come to my rescue.”, I opened my eyes and there behind me was a pick up and of course, I received the help I needed between the two angels who came to my rescue.  In the 3 hours I had sat there I had only seen one pickup go by, right after I arrived.  The park was actually closed, but the gate was open, so they weren’t upset with me. For me, this was big shift, to not get angry with myself, to not be embarrassed that I was in my sleeping shorts and jacket and that I had left my key on and to be able to laugh at myself and trust that God would provide a way.  I am so grateful for Erika Awakening, my mentor, for creating Holistic Belief Reprogramming.  My life is changing daily for the better, and fast.  I am passionate about helping others do the same.