Chronicles of Elaine Enlightening


Tapping with Elaine has really allowed me to release a lot of beliefs I had about myself and the world!  It’s an amazing process, still not sure how it works- but somehow it connects the dots to different times in my life that I have recreated the same negative situations.  Elaine is very intuitive and uses her natural knowing to lead well rounded peaceful sessions.  From her guidance I will always know I have the power to choose how I live my life.  Thanks Elaine!   HC~Kansas City, MO
I have a new life!!
The past few years ofmy life have ben marked by depression, anxiety and despair. Since working with Elaine I have been able to release burdens from the past that were holding me back. For the first time I am living in the present, in the moment, and all kinds of great things are happening! My home has always been a constant burden to me, but after working with Elaine my husband became willing to move- actually excited about it! My relationships began improving with my children and loved ones as I began to take responsibility for my life and stop blaming others. What is the most exciting to me is that this is just the beginning- I now have the tools to learn from whatever challenges I face in life and be a stronger more balanced person as a result.  RJ~Kansas City, MO

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